Barba Italiana

VIRGILIO post-shave spray 75ml

11.500 OMR

Post-shaving spray with organically grown Chamomile extract, Bisabolol, Menthol and Hyaluronic Acid, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Thanks to the innovative bag on valve system, the product has numerous advantages for the customer and the environment.


A must-have for barbers and hairdressers. Virgil post-shaving spray consists of natural ingredients that have a gentle action on sensitive skin: Organically grown Chamomile, Bisabolol, Menthol and 100% natural Hyaluronic Acid moisturize, soothe and soften the skin after shaving. In addition, Virgilio contains DHA fatty acid, which gives the face a golden and luminous tone.


The post-shave spray #Barba Italiana is equipped with an innovative bag on valve system: the product is placed inside a watertight bag, while the propellant (compressed air only) fills the space between it and the bottle. This technology, compared to traditional "spray" systems, has many advantages: it is eco-compatible (it doesn't contain any gas), allows distribution from any angle, preserves the sterility and freshness of the product and increases its shelf-life, as it ensures an almost complete emptying of the bottle (possibility to use up to the last drop of spray after shaving).



Spray the Virgilio post-shave spray on clean skin after shaving. Spray at a distance of 20 cm from the face. Wait for the product to dry naturally. Ideal if used after a shave performed with Dante shaving gel, including several times a day.


♚  Rejuvenating and refreshing
♚  Non-flammable and gas free


Silicones and derivatives. No animal testing, free from parabens, paraffin, SLS, OGM, GMO,SLES, silicones and derivatives.


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