Tropical Eye Patch Coconut - 1 Pairs


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Kocostar's Tropical Eye Patch is infused with natural tropical fruits ingredients that will work to firm and tighten your under eyes area. This soft and delicate under eye patches are made up of hydrogels that help the patches to stick firmly on the skin while the shape of the patches make it possible for it to reach and cover all the areas around the eyes. These patches are created for concentrated eye care and by using them regularly you will notice that your eyes will become more brighter and tighter.

Usage tips

After cleansing the face, use a toner to even out the skin.Use the enclosed spatula to pick the eye patch and attach it under the eyes. (Can also be applied around the mouth in areas that need care)After 10-15 minutes remove the patches and massage the remaining essence by lightly patting around the area.

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