Rejuvenating Mask For Hands 75ml

17 OMR

The skin of our hands is very fragile due to the poor quality of the network of sebaceous glands making them dry out more easily. Furthermore, we often expose them to detergents, other cleaning products as well as weather variations and harmful sunrays, without adequate protection. These factors accelerate the dehydration of our hands, and the premature aging of the skin.

Hands, as well as the face, have the right to specific exfoliating and moisturizing treatment. This REJUVENATING MASK FOR HANDS brings immediate benefit to dry and dull hands. It contains ceramide 2 and aloe vera which moisturize and soften the skin, allantoin, well-known for its soothing properties, botanical extracts (mallow, cucumber, melissa) which refresh and regenerate, and an exfoliating agent which remove impurities. A weekly application allows hands to stay supple and soft and helps to prevents premature ageing.

How to use

Apply the mask once a week with a light massaging action, by insisting on finger joints where dead skin is more present and then cover hands with the plastic gloves that come with the product. Allow it to remain on hands for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the gloves delicately and rinse in lukewarm water while massaging again. Dry carefully hands and apply Hand Cream or the REPAIRING NIGHT CREAM.

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