Morphosis ReStructure Kit 3x100ml

33 OMR

When the hair is damaged , dull , or futile , a deeply concentrated care can not be harmful. For that it is the Framesi Morphosis Re-Structure Kit Intended. This kit is a professional intensive treatment to restructure the hair, nourish and again to restore its strength and shine.

The Framesi Morphosis ReStructure Kit consists of 3 different treatments. Namely a revitalizing shampoo , an express filler and a unique precious fluid .

The Treatment in Steps:


  • Pure deep-feeding shampoo, with surface active vegetable substances that cleans the hair with an acidic pH; It makes the hair soft and hydrated, ready for follow-up treatments. The ingredients also feed the hair and scalp!


  • A gel to restructure the hair and to fix the hair fibers in depth. It makes the hair thicker, fuller, more compact and improves texture immediately. Enriched with sea collages, pearl proteins, silicon, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, wheat protein and glycerin. In short, a great nutritional product!


  • An intensive recovery treatment. Restores the natural beauty and elasticity of the hair fibers. Thanks to the very best ingredients, the hair is spoiled for pampering the active ingredients to extend the benefits of treatment. Makes the hair extremely shiny and soft. Combined with unique ingredients such as marine collagen, pearl proteins, silicon, vitamin E, hydrating hyaluronic acid, durable 100% vegetable resin to encapsulate the hair.

The Framesi Morphosis ReStructure Kit is therefore a unique, super-care hair treatment. Certainly, every type of hair will give back the shine , strength and vitality

Framesi Morphosis ReStructure Kit consists of 3 bottles, Revitalizing Shampoo 100ml, the Express Filler 100ml and the Precious Filler 100ml.

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