Mascara Creamy Black 10ml


Lashes have a function to protect the eye and its mucous membrane, but are mostly an aesthetic attraction and the main asset of one's expression!

The smooth and nourishing formulation of the CREAMY MASCARA gives colour, protects and helps lashes stay longer rooted thanks to hydro-regulating silk proteins. A new generation polymer ensures a perfect hold all day long, with no smudging and no flaking. The specially curved professional brush combined with a fine, conditioning formulation, coats even the smallest lash, from root to tip, giving an intense colour, whilst perfectly separating them.

How to use
Apply mascara from root to tip, holding the brush with its curved side the opposite way to the curve of the lashes. This method helps apply make-up to each single lash, without touching skin. For even longer lashes allow first application to dry, before applying a second coat. Gently remove make-up using EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER LOTION, non-greasy, specially formulated for non-waterproof make-up.

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