Hydro-Repairing Foot Care 50ml

9.500 OMR

Foot comfort and beauty require two types of care: daily care for immediate freshness and benefit, and a complete weekly pedicure for long-term maintenance.

The HYDRO-REPAIRING FOOT CARE, with menthol fragrance, contains a high concentration of urea with highly moisturizing and keratolytic properties (softening and desquamating effect). Its particulary rich formula (apricot pulp extract with pro-vitamin A and hydro-regulating complex), moisturizes immediately the skin and allows to efficiently fight against any abnormal thickness of the corneous layer of the feet. No more unaesthetic callouses and cracks! The skin regains comfort, suppleness and softness.

How to use
Beauty ritual : Apply every day a small nut of cream on clean, dry feet. Massage until complete absorption, insisting on dry areas. Extreme care : For extremely dry and damaged feet, massage, preferably at night, a generous amount of product. Put on cotton socks and leave on overnight for optimal results.

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