Advanced LPP Shampoo - 490ml

21.500 OMR

A high-nutrient formula shampoo with LPP Advanced Formula, enriched with amino acids and plant-based proteins, moisturizes the scalp and strengthens hair, resulting in incredible strength and overall hair health.

Key Ingredients: 27 types of proteins, fermented oils, moisturizing, and calming components

- LPP Advanced Formula: It repairs and strengthens the hair from the inside out by filling damaged hair core and split-ends with nutrients to improve its condition, making it stronger, fuller and healthier
- More Moisture: It effectively nourishes the hair and provides optimal moisture to the scalp
- Chemical-Free: Free of silicone and harmful ingredients that could damage the hair

How to Use:
- Apply a proper amount on wet hair
- Gently massage the hair and scalp until rich foam forms
- Rinse thoroughly

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