Advanced LPP No-Wash Treatment - 150ml

17.900 OMR

Advanced LPP No-Wash Treatment is crafted with an innovative and versatile formula that can be used in 3 different ways! It not only protects your hair from heat but also treats damage and creates a moisture barrier to reduce frizz.

Key Ingredients: Plant-based components, seed extracts and heat-protection ingredients

- LPP Advanced Formula: It repairs and strengthens the hair from the inside out by filling damaged hair core and split-ends with nutrients to improve its condition, making it stronger, fuller and healthier
- 3 in 1: With its highly concentrated formula, it can be used as a leave-on treatment, heat protectant, and overnight hair mask
- Chemical-Free: Free of silicone and harmful ingredients that could damage the hair

How to Use:
As a heat protection:
- Apply to damp hair before styling
- Style your hair using heat-styling tools

As a Leave-in treatment to eliminate frizz:
- Apply a small, even amount to damp or dry hair, focusing on damaged areas
- Style or comb your hair as usual

As an Overnight Mask:
- Apply onto hair strands on dry hair, using an amount about the size of a coin
- Wash your hair as usual the next day

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