Protein Mist (No Wash) 115ml

15.700 OMR

Hair treatment (No Wash)

Unlock the sprayer handle by pressing the ON button.

Press the OFF button to lock the handle when not using it.


✔️Those who want to repair damaged hair

✔️Those looking for a simple way to nourish hair


[INGREDIENTS/MATERIAL] The fragrance of berries refreshes your vibes. The product is a no wash formula.

How to use:

1. After shampooing, remove moisture from your hair.

2. Press the ON button on the pump to release the lock.

3. 10 to 15 cm centered on damaged hair with moisture Spray evenly at a distance.

4. Handle it with your hands so that it can be absorbed sufficiently.

5. Dry with hair dryer or natural drying without having to rinse.

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