Morphosis ReStructure Kit

65 OMR

The 3-step MORPHOSIS Restructure treatment uses plant-derived Peptides, Fermented Rice extract, Hyaluronic acid and Vegan Collagen to target specific areas of the hair, reconstructing and strengthening the structure of the shaft. Outstanding effectiveness for truly regenerated hair.

Restructure Revitalising Shampoo
Step 1
Deeply cleanses, removes impurities and leaves the hair soft, hydrated and ready to receive the regenerative treatment.

Apply 10 - 15 ml of product, depending on the amount and length of the hair,
and massage gently. Rinse well, thoroughly towel-dry, then move on to STEP 2.

Restructure Express Filler
Step 2
A reparative hair gel that plumps up, repairs and transforms the hair fibres.

Separate the hair into chunky locks and apply 15 - 20 ml of product with a brush, depending on the amount and length of the hair. Comb thoroughly through the hair, to make the ingredients penetrate deeper. Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes under a source of heat, rinse well and towel dry. Then, move on to STEP 3.

Restructure Precious Fluid
Step 3
An intensive hair taming treatment that repairs the natural structure of the hair fibers, while smoothing and plumping up the cuticles. Leaves damaged hair extremely soft, silky and glossy, for a truly healthy look.

Apply 15 - 20 ml of product, depending on the amount and length of the hair. Massage thoroughly and leave on for at least 5 minutes, then rinse well and style.

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