Serums are intended to be used after cleansing your face but before moisturizing to deliver a few active ingredients to your skin. Serums are usually the thinnest formula of your routine which means they are able to penetrate deeper and dissolve faster. By applying lighter formulas, like serums, before thicker ones, like creams, the thicker formulas are able to lock in moisture over the active ingredients to keep them closer to the skin so they’re able to deliver optimal results. Available for all skin types and concerns, apply the serum all over the face and neck and layer with a moisturizer or cream over it. Use day or night, depending on which active ingredients you’re using remember to use SPF.


We already mentioned that serums provide active ingredients to skin, right? Think of ampoules like super strong serums! Ampoules typically have the strongest concentration of active ingredients, which means they shouldn’t typically be used every day, twice a day. Maybe once or twice a week, or before special occasions for out of this world skin! Can be used in conjunction with serums, be cautious about mixing certain ingredients, or use as its own superstar skin treatment for that day. Find a formula suited best for your skin concern and pump up your routine!


Essences provide lightweight treatment, providing an in-between formula for essences and emulsions or moisturizers. Great for locking in treatments with complementary ingredients while adding a moisture barrier to prevent evaporation of products before they can fully absorb into skin. Like serums and treatments, essences aren't required to use daily but are great for the days when your skin needs a little pep in its step! Great for all skin types.


Emulsions are lightweight, non-sticky, water-based moisturizers that helps keep skin hydrated and smooth. They are thicker than serums but thinner than a cream, perfect for using as a daytime moisturizer under makeup. Emulsions are meant to lock in the previous products applied so they are used to their greatest potential. This formula is usually preferred by those with oily skin who don’t want or need a thick formula, or for use in hotter climates or seasons. Available for all skin types, apply all over the face and neck after applying serum.


Moisturizing creams are typically the last step in skincare routines. They are the thickest consistency of almost all skincare products so best used to lock in treatments and provide a barrier for outside irritants. Creams provide the most intense moisture and hydration for your skin. Available for all skin types, apply cream all over the face and neck after use of skin treatments.