How to wear your false lashes

APPLY YOUR LASHES LAST | Do your entire makeup look, including mascara, before you apply your lashes. They are literally the last thing you put on, before applying your setting spray.

USE LIQUID EYELINER | Always use black liquid eyeliner when planning on applying false lashes. It provides you with a guide as to where to place them, but also camouflages the strip that comes with the false lashes.

LET THE GLUE DRY A BIT BEFORE APPLYING | Take a bit of the glue and let it get a bit tacky, before applying it to your lashes. If you are using the paint on kinds, apply to lashes and let dry a bit before laying down the lashes.

TRIM YOUR LASHES | If using strip lashes, lay them on your eyes beforehand to make sure they are the right size. Generally, they tend to be a bit big and need to be trimmed at the ends. You always want to trim them from the outside.

LOOK DOWN INTO A MIRROR| The easiest way to apply these lashes is to look down into a handheld mirror when applying. When using the strip, gently lay them on top with your tweezers and then adjust before squeezing. The flutter lashes can be removed and re-adjusted easily, if you don’t get them right the first time.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT | This does take a little practice to get right. The first time, just take your time and don’t rush it. It will make it easier the next time.