Kevin Murphy

The Antidote 250ml, 100ml

12 OMR

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A full-size dry shampoo and a handbag-ready dry conditioner for fresh, soft hair on the go.


When washing and conditioning your hair properly is just too much hard work, there’s KEVIN.MURPHY The Antidote. This duo includes a full-size dry shampoo and a smaller dry conditioner, so your hair will feel clean, fresh, soft and nourished on those days when a full wash isn’t going to happen. Too good.


KEVIN.MURPHY The Antidote contains:

A refreshing dry shampoo to remove dirt, oil and odour from your hair so it lasts that extra day. Adds body and movement.

  • KEVIN.MURPHY Young.Again Dry Conditioner 250ml

A nourishing, moisturising dry conditioner to soften and detangle your hair between washes. Made with sunflower seed extract.

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