Supreme Gel set and Daynite 24+

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Supreme Gel Set

Can you really look younger in just 60 minutes? With Biotulin, there’s no magic needed. Developed and produced in Germany, this extract is comparable to needle injections containing Botulinum Toxin. The results are similar, but it’s much simpler to use. Biotulin is applied to the face as a soothing lotion. It is quickly absorbed, smoothing the skin to make it soft and supple. Unlike needle injections, it does not numb your face or restrict your facial expressions. Your features will still be reanimated and beautiful.


A set which includes a super gel and a perfect tool for your skin care is all that you need. These skin care products will help keep your skin youthful , moisturized and clean. Get this perfect set for the perfect result.


How to use:

Apply a small drop of Biotulin gel evenly on the face and neck area and massage gently into the skin.



Daynite 24+ cream

Reduce wrinkle depth by 25% in just 1 hour! This light cream also contains a combination of Vitamins and provides moisture without an oily shine. The perfect base for makeup. This fast-acting cream regenerates your skin while you sleep and stimulates collagen production. Biotulin contains Spilanthol, an ingredient that reduces facial muscle contractions and relaxes facial features.

How to use:


Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing.


About The Brand

Biotulin is a German brand that specializes in safe, natural products with results that are comparable to botox injections! The Biotulin range was created by pharmacist and chemist Dr. Claus Breuer and is paraben-free, natural, not tested on animals and suitable for all skin types.

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