Socolor Beauty Matrix Cream 30 Vol (9%) Developer 1L


This is for pre-order only. It'll take about 5 working days before it arrives & full down payment is required. The products will come from the local supplier in Oman.


Matrix is our permanent colour range enriched with jojoba oil to nourish the surface and cera-oil conditioning complex for improved surface integrity, fortified hair structure and to protect the hair fibre, colour after colour. The blended natural collection have pre-blended bases and pre-adjusted tones for perfect results on all levels of natural or grey hair. The reflect collection is perfect for a true fashion result and have pre-adjusted tone. All tubes are 90ml in size for up to 2 applications. All shades are fully intermixable with each other for the desired results.

Mix in a 1:1 ratio with blended natural collection, Extra Coverage and SO RED's with the required developer. For Extra Blondes, mix in a 1:2 with 30 or 40 Vol Matrix Cream Developer


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