Philip Martins

Moringa Wash 250ml

15 OMR

Anti-pollution Shampoo
Shampoo formulated for a deep detersion of the scalp. Thanks to the high concentration of Moringa extract, it cleanses and removes the toxins generated from pollution agents.

Living in the city puts us into a close daily contact with pollution and fine dust which is deposited on our scalp. All the harmful substances which are found in the atmosphere are absorbed by our hair. Through their outer cuticles the toxins deeply penetrate making our hair dull, weak and dry preventing its normal
transpiration and compromising its health. The accumulation of polluting cells can also provoke hair loss and cutaneous irritations. Philip Martin’s has created the Moringa system composed by three products based on Moringa Oleifera seed extract mixed with Aloe Barbadensis extract, Viola Tricolor extract and
Birch extract which deeply cleanse and hydrate both the hair and the scalp. These plants are considered “pollution catchers” for their capacity to absorb the toxins by enhancing their dermo- purifying and  rotective actions.

Moringa Extract • Anti-pollution
Bio Aloe Barbadensis Extract • Soothing
Bio Viola Tricolor Extract • Antioxidant

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