Knee Immobilizer 20" Length / 4030

20 OMR

Provide support and stabilization of leg and knee joint.

Foam padding reduces slippage and will not fray.

Aluminum posterior stays help maintain proper positioning of support.

Provides post-injury and post-operative immobilization of knee joint in an extended position.

Compression helps reduce swelling and edema.

Hook and loop closure provides quick, secure application and removal.

Size: 18"(45.7cm)

How to wear:

Wrap immobilizer around the knee.

Position the aluminum stays on each side of knee.

Be sure the opening of support should be on kneecap and secure the hook and loop closures.

Thread through the buckles and secure the upper and lower hook and look straps to desired compression.

Post surgical use

Muscular contracture


80% Polyester, 15% Foam, 5% Nylon


Measure the circumference of the thigh approximately 4" above the knee.


38.1-45.7cm (15-18")
45.7-53.3cm (18-21")
53.3-61.0cm (21-24")

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