Ginseng Tonic 150ml

3.500 OMR
mproves the blood circulation of the scalp and nourishes hair, contains ginseng and natural extracts.

- Hair tonic removes the dandruff and fatty hair secretions.
- Hair tonic cleanses the scalp of bacteria.
Thus, the hair tonic eliminates some common hair problems and creates a healthy environment suitable for revitalizing weak hair follicles in order to restore weak and damaged hairs ability to grow naturally.

Instructions for using an emir:
Use Shampoo 2 - 3 times a week to wash the hair with shampoo, then clean with water, wash again with shampoo, leave for minutes, and clean with water until foam disappears.
The hair tonic is used once a day at least and preferably before sleeping, taking into account that the scalp is clean and dry. The scalp is moistened with sufficient amount of hair tonic to be distributed to all parts of the scalp with a light massage with the fingertips and a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. The hair should not be washed immediately after use to complete the absorption of the tonic and does not leave traces of greasy or odor after use.

Important notes when using hair tonic:
- Regular daily use of an appropriate amount of hair tonic gives better results than using a larger amount at intervals.
- Use hair tonic for men and women because it contains no hormones.
- At the beginning of use, there is an increase in hair loss with weak and damaged hair follicles due to the massage process.

- Do not have to leak hair tonic for the eyes so wash your hands after use.
- Do not use the hair tonic if the scalp by the wounds or rash or tumors.
- Hair tonic and shampoo for external use only and should not be taken orally.

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