Excel Slim Flash Flat Tummy Capris Black

47 OMR 52 OMR

Lytess Excel Slim range is innovative combination of a shaping textile, with a micro encapsulated that Contains moisturizing and slimming formulation.


  • Can be used it 8 hours daily for 5 Days and you will loss Approximate : -3.8 cm from the hips , -2.6 cm from thighs

Lytess CAPRIS EXCEL SLIM FLASH has the combination of a shaping textile and a micro-encapsulated slimming serum for a visibly refined Outline figure.


The 5 days’ express range by lytess help to trim the figure after 5 days, thanks to it is paraben- free microencapsulated cosmetic serum combined with an ultra-soft microfiber textile, light with a shaping effect and a feminine style. It quickly restores a flawless figure and feels just like a second Skin!


Innovative Slimming clothes from France with new technology


comfortable clothes like the normal underwear, without effort just wear and get slim


IT WORKS ALL DAY LONG : Continuous diffusion of %100 concentrated active ingredients

IT FACILITATES THE DOSAGE : No need to use multiple daily applications.

IT IS SIMPLE: The ease of use averts stopping the treatment.

IT REDUCES SPENDING: It reduces spending, You can keep the garment after the treatment.


SLENDER EFFECT : Red algae and forskolin

SKIN APPEARANCE IMPROVEMENT : Ginger extract and pink peppercorn

NOURISHING EFFECT: Sandalwood extract, shea butter and sweat almond oil


  • Ultra-soft microfiber
  • Wrapping knitting around waist,flat tummy effect
  • Micro massaging area to target flabby tights


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