ESSENSITY Ammonia Free 9-0 Extra Light Blonde 60ml

Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY Ammonia Free Permanent Color 2oz (9-0) Extra Light Blonde Provides superb color performance with up to 100% gray and white coverage. Oil-in cream color, Up to 4 levels of lift, More than 90% naturally derived ingredients. Stabilizing the hair structure during the coloring process. Protection against external influences for a long-lasting color and natural shine Essensity color should be mixed in 1:1 ratio with Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY Activating Lotion for perfect result. Activating Lotion works in perfect harmony with the ESSENSITY color cream for a long-lasting color
Color equalization.
Long-lasting color with outstanding gray coverage.
Fade resistant formula with brilliant shine.
UV protection.
Mixes twice as fast compared to other brands.
Usage of color: -Mixing ratio 1:1 -Apply on dry hair. -Allow to develop for 30 - 45 minutes.
Use 2.5% ESSENSITY Activating Lotion when coloring darker.
Use 5.5% ESSENSITY Activating Lotion for tone-on-tone, 1 tone lighter or coverage.
Use 8.5% ESSENSITY Activating Lotion for coloring 1-2 tones lighter.
Use 11.5% ESSENSITY Activating Lotion for coloring 2-3 tones lighter.
For faded color or on previously tinted hair follow dual application with diluting color with water or conditioner for mid to ends hair shaft

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