Disposable Manicure Kit – Gloves

1.500 OMR

the vanguard of Gloves and Sneakers Emolientes brazzcare translates the latest in practicality, technology, professional care and intensive hydration for feet, hands and nails.

Manicure 6 in 1

  1. Professional Emollient
  2. Anti-Germ Protection System
  3. With Herbacut
  4. Calcium and Keratin loading
  5. Exclusive Polymer Enamel Fixer
  6. Complete Disposable Kit

Method of application:

  1. Remove the varnish and clean the nails of the first hand.
  2. Put on the glove and make sure all the cuticles are covered with the emulsion and keep your hand hydrated. The importance of distributing the emollient before the procedure, guarantees the correct performance of Brazzcare on the cuticles.
  3. Remove the varnish
  4. Lime nails from the second hand. Put on the glove and make sure the emollient was well applied on the cuticles.
  5. Return to the first hand and pinch each finger on moves that slide the emollient back. This small attention, facilitates the work with the pliers and improves the visualization of the cuticle.
  6. With the help of a spatula, break the ends of the glove fingers.
  7. Start the cuticle. Notice that the cuticles loosen more easily. This is because BalbCare has components that activate the professional conditioning of the cuticles, reducing the time spent in the cuticulture.
  8. After finishing the first hand, keep your hand hydrated and do the same steps in the second hand. Slide the emollient and break the tips of the glove fingers.
  9. Start the cuticle.
  10. Remove the gloves by gently bringing the plastic close to the skin. It is important to know how to perform this step to facilitate the subsequent cleaning of the emollient waste.
  11. Enjoy the emollient on the skin to massage hands. (Do not perform this procedure while the plastic is on the skin, as it may act as an exfoliant, irritating the skin.
  12. With the aid of cotton, apply a little acetone on each nail. This care chemically activates the exclusive varnish-fixing polymer.
  13. Finish with base application.
  14. Finish with the application of varnish.

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