Corrective Slimming Belt Black

31.500 OMR 34.700 OMR

Lytess Slimming Corrective Belt is an Innovative Slimming clothes from France with new technology, with double action,scalp and slim your body without effort ,first action you will get 2 sizes less immediately as correcting ,and second action from the microcapsules technology after 18 day. Just wear feel light, elegante and get the perfect body shape

The innovative combination of correcting knit and microencapsulated slimming formulation that sculpts the tummy immediately and refines it as quickly as in 18 days.

Get two sizes less immediately and use it 8 hours daily for 18 days and get more result -3.7cm from the technology, just wear and get slim


SLIMS DOWN : Caffeine -Increases Fat burner effect and fights against stubborn bulges

NOURISHES : Shea butter -Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. Protects and nourishes the skin.


SHAPES TUMMY : Waist nipper shapewear.

SLIMS DOWN SILHOUETTE : Waist/hips compression zone.

ATTENUATES UNSIGHTLY ROUNDNESS : Flexible, soft, seamless feel.

SUPPORTS THE BACK : Lumbars reinforcement.


COULOURS: Black, Flesh/Skin

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