Charcoal Active Keratin & Collagen Conditioner 850ml

10 OMR

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Each Unique Ingredient has it's own Nutritive Benefits to supply hair, in our Caviar Professional Line of Hair Products.
Caviar :
Rich in vitamin A, B and high in antioxidants and Omega-3 and Omega-6 this extract enhances moisture and naturally repairs and restores textured strands while boosting Sebum production, and preventing hair loss ( Zinc). Plus the UVA and UVB within protect against damage.
Keratin :
Works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, theoretically absorb the keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style, and straighter in appearance.
Collagen and hair health :
According to research, collagen has been shown to support and increase the body's hair building proteins, which may help prevent hair loss, encourage hair growth, and reduce the appearance of gray hair by supporting the healthy structure of the hair follicle, where pigment is produced.
Hair Botox:
Is actually a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler, such as keratin. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear more full and lustrous and also helps create the appearance of fuller, smoother hair.
Activated charcoal :
Helps cleanse all these impurities, removes the sebum and deep cleanses the pores to let your hair breathe. It unclogs the pores in your scalp thus detoxifying the follicles. This helps the hair grow and Promotes hair growth.

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