Ghawy Oman

Hair Tinsels - Fuchsia

0.500 OMR
FANCY SPARKLY COLORS: Shining Fuchsia. Adds amazing colour and sparkle to hair - without having to use dye, tools or glue.

NO STYLING LIMITATIONS: Add a few glitter strands for subtle shimmer or add a LOT for super sparkle! Clip into a ponytail, wrap around a bun, weave into a pigtail - the perfect hair accessory for girls of all ages.
EASY TO ATTACH: Simply tie into hair, using our slip-knot technique. Three step guide in the picture. No need for tools or glue.
STAND OUT! The perfect hair accessory for holidays, music festivals, birthdays, nights out, parties, weddings, holidays and for those that love to sparkle every day!

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